Name Change

I got tired having an awkward mouthful of a blog name, so I decided to shorten it to something much snappier.  Hence “MJP’s XNA Danger Zone” becomes simply “The Danger Zone”. I like it better already.

Actually the main reason for the change is that I’ve been taking a break from the XNA stuff so that I can finally play around with DX11 a bit. In fact I’ve been working on a simple and flexible DX11 sample framework, so you may see a few DX11 samples from me in the future.  It should be fun, the new multi-threading features are really really cool. I’d like to do some compute shader stuff too, especially since I haven’t gotten around to playing with Cuda yet. I think tessellation will have to wait a bit though, since I don’t think I’m going to buy a DX11 GPU until the Fermi-based GPU’s from Nvidia come out. Until then, D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_10_0 will have to do.

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