Goodbye, WordPress

After 11 years I’ve decided to finally move on from My new Hugo-powered site is up and running now, and you can read my first new post there if you’re curious as to why I made the switch. If you follow this site through RSS, I’d like to ask you to please update your […]

Breaking Down Barriers – Part 4: GPU Preemption

This is Part 4 of a series about GPU synchronization and preemption. You can find the other articles here: Part 1 – What’s a Barrier? Part 2 – Synchronizing GPU Threads Part 3 – Multiple Command Processors Part 4 – GPU Preemption Part 5 – Back To The Real World Part 6 – Experimenting With […]

SG Series Part 6: Step Into The Baking Lab

This is part 6 of a series on Spherical Gaussians and their applications for pre-computed lighting. You can find the other articles here: Part 1 – A Brief (and Incomplete) History of Baked Lighting Representations Part 2 – Spherical Gaussians 101 Part 3 – Diffuse Lighting From an SG Light Source Part 4 – Specular Lighting From an SG […]