Attack of the depth buffer

In these exciting modern times, people get a lot of mileage out of their depth buffers. Long gone are the days where we only use depth buffers for visibility and stenciling, as we now make use of the depth buffer to reconstruct world-space or view-space position of our geometry at any given pixel.  This can […]

D3D Performance and Debugging Tools Round-Up: PIX

So at this point just everybody knows about knows about PIX. I mean it comes with the DirectX SDK, for crying out loud. This handy little program started its like as the Performance Investigator for Xbox (original Xbox, that is) and today is useful performance and debugging tool for both Windows and the Xbox 360.

Correcting XNA’s Gamma Correction

One thing I never used to pay attention to is gamma correction. This is mainly because it rarely gets mentioned, and also because you can usually get pretty good results without ever even thinking about it. However it only took a few days at my new job for me to realize just how essential it is if you want professional-quality results.