I haven’t worked on JumpSwitch for a long time, mainly since I got a job doing this stuff full-time. But feel free to browse through the screenshots to see what could have been. 😛

JumpSwitch is the game I’m currently developing for the Xbox 360, for the XNA Community Games service.  It’s a fast-paced platformer that looks like a racer, somewhat in the vein of the old DOS game Skyroads.  It’s something I’m doing simply because I enjoy doing it, in fact if anyone buys it I’m going to be donating all the revenues to Child’s Play.  I’ve done pretty much all of the programming work on it, including for the custom map editor as well as the model viewer.  I also have another programmer helping me out, and a few people helping to make levels and other things.

If you’re interested in helping out, then by all means get in touch with me and let me know!  I’d love to have anybody willing to contribute, or even just to learn.  I also could really use someone to make a few models, or some people to make levels.

Follow the links below if you want to see some screens or videos of the game in action: